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"Glee" star Darren Criss has announced his first tour, which kicks off May 29 in San Francisco. See the full lineup & get details on the new music Criss will be playing:


INTERVIEW: Team StarKid’s Dylan Saunders Talks Fan-Funded ‘Confluence’ Album -

I got to chat with the ever amazing Dylan about his ‘Confluence’ plans, how great Tomek is as a producer (I knew that already) and a little bit about the lessons he’s learned from Darren Criss in pursuit of a solo music career.  I may have some extended Dylan quotes that were cut from the article that I can share later.

Backstage at the Apocalyptour: A Day in the Life of Team Starkid

We hung out with Team StarKid! Darren, Joey, Lauren, Brian, Joe, and a lot of other awesome folks were all there. Here’s our report (with exclusive pics):

A Day in the Life of Team StarKid and Darren Criss

See more exclusive behind-the-scenes photos in our gallery.

(Photos by Joseph Llanes)

We went backstage with Darren Criss and Team StarKid last night. More to come! (Taken with instagram)

He also talks about Matt Bomer on “Glee,” Kurt and Blaine’s future, StarKid’s new tour, singing with Kermit and oh so much more!

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A little bird just told us to be expecting some BIG news from our buddies Team StarKid this afternoon at 4 PM CST.

We’ll have a story on this later today! Keep an eye out right here and on

You know Darren Criss - i.e. Warbler hottie Blaine on “Glee” - but what do you know about Criss’ Team StarKid? Rockstar theater kids, yes, but there’s a cult-like following surrounding them that channels, in some strange way, the boybands of yesteryear, tapped into a hyper-connected youth culture and a tad confusing to the adults in the room. Team StarKid defies easy explanation, the kind of thing you often have to fall head-first into to actually get their appeal. At the base, they’re a performance troupe that specializes in pop-culture reference laden, emotional musicals, who springboarded to fame from a viral video hit with their "A Very Potter Musical" in 2009 (video above) to expand to fully original works and a spiraling fandom that supports the group and individual members’ projects.

More from inside StarKid’s first tour.