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.@karminmusic stopped by our studio to record a new #Tastemakers Style Session (pres. by @CottonFashion) #sneakpeek

See @ToriKelly’s #Tastemakers Style Session soon on - this is the sneak peek! (pres. by @CottonFashion)

Psst! Here’s a sneak peek of #andrewbird’s #tastemakers at sunrise session (photo by @eliz) #7eleven

#tastemakers alert! @RyanBeatty’s rooftop session is live on! More: (photo by @eliz) #7eleven

Oh hai, Electric Guest! Here’s a peek at their #tastemakers session. (photo: @ishootpeople) #7eleven

Coming soon to - #MNDR’s #tastemakers session (presented by @CottonFashion)

There’s a new #tastemakers session coming soon to feat. @theryanbeatty ! (Cc: @7eleven)

Get a sneak peek of our Tastemakers session with Regina Spektor!

We’re shooting the lovely @KimbraMusic on the roof for Tastemakers @Cottonfashion #kimbra #tastemakers (Taken with instagram)


Walk the Moon! Shot at Mophonics.

Watch for these fellas in our Tastemakers series. Coming soon!