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"Glee" star Darren Criss has announced his first tour, which kicks off May 29 in San Francisco. See the full lineup & get details on the new music Criss will be playing:


INTERVIEW: Team StarKid’s Dylan Saunders Talks Fan-Funded ‘Confluence’ Album -

I got to chat with the ever amazing Dylan about his ‘Confluence’ plans, how great Tomek is as a producer (I knew that already) and a little bit about the lessons he’s learned from Darren Criss in pursuit of a solo music career.  I may have some extended Dylan quotes that were cut from the article that I can share later.

Backstage at the Apocalyptour: A Day in the Life of Team Starkid

We hung out with Team StarKid! Darren, Joey, Lauren, Brian, Joe, and a lot of other awesome folks were all there. Here’s our report (with exclusive pics):

A Day in the Life of Team StarKid and Darren Criss

See more exclusive behind-the-scenes photos in our gallery.

(Photos by Joseph Llanes)

We went backstage with Darren Criss and Team StarKid last night. More to come! (Taken with instagram)

I believe singing should be like being an actor. People shouldn’t have any problem buying an actor being in a comedy or a drama or a horror film. That should be the same way with music. You should be able to dive into the world of a soul performance with horns and give it the same energy you would as putting on a suit and tie and doing a Nat King Cole tune.
Darren Criss, Q&A

He also talks about Matt Bomer on “Glee,” Kurt and Blaine’s future, StarKid’s new tour, singing with Kermit and oh so much more!

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Last time, Team StarKid journeyed to space on their tour, this time they’re more earthbound with the announcement of APOCALYPTOUR, which takes the musical theater troupe from their home-base in Chicago starting May 9, weaving west to California before returning to New York for a final show on June 10, with plenty of stops in between. Read more.

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A little bird just told us to be expecting some BIG news from our buddies Team StarKid this afternoon at 4 PM CST.

We’ll have a story on this later today! Keep an eye out right here and on