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Across the various criteria we gave Spotify’s team — running, cycling, weightlifting, crossfit, yoga, the gym, and tae bo, (no judgments, here) — we have a playlist for each waiting in the wings.

Everything we know about Kanye West’s new album… so far. See more.

We’re LIVE on the Grammys red carpet! Watch from our Google Hangout here:

One Direction as zombies!

Would your favorite pop stars survive the zombie apocalypse? Probably not. And to celebrate Halloween, we’ve put together a gallery of what celebs would look like if their skin started to decay and they suddenly developed a craving for brains.

Click here to see zombie Bieber, Britney, Gaga, PSY and more.

@josephllanes shot @skrillex for @billboard this weekend in San Diego at the I Love This City EDM Festival #skrillex #EDM (Taken with instagram)

In which we give six pop stars Skrillex makeovers. Because clearly, you were wondering.

Behind the scenes of this week’s Billboard cover shoot with Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak. The shoot resulted in a discussion on the state of electronic dance music, how DJs are ego-less (according to Diplo), and Kanye West’s influence on the scene. As Diplo notes in the video, the three DJs hope to collaborate on tracks in the future. Watch above, and read the cover story here.

Sneak preview of this week’s dance issue: Diplo, Skrillex, A-Trak and more open up about the booming biz behind electronic music.

Story + behind the scenes video from our shoot hits tomorrow.


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