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On this date in 1894, Billboard published its first issue. From its start to “Gangnam Style,” follow the timeline of Billboard’s rich history.

Today in Billboard History

Oct. 3, 1992

Twenty years ago today, Billboard launched the Pop Songs radio airplay chart. Boyz II Men’s smooth ballad “End of the Road” (ironically enough, given its title) led the inaugural list. 251 more songs have since topped the tally.

Oct. 2, 1987

Happy birthday, Sting! The legendary rocker has scored 33 Billboard Hot 100 hits including his solo work and his career with the Police.

Today in Billboard History

Sept, 28, 1968

The Beatles begin their longest Billboard Hot 100 command, as “Hey Jude” sets up at No. 1 for the first of nine weeks.

Billboard’s first cover, ever, in honor of our 117th birthday today!

We’ve come a long, long way since 1894, when a yearly subscription to Billboard cost 99 cents. We used to cover advertising, then the “amusement business” (carnivals and circuses), then motion pictures, and finally, with the advent of the jukebox, the music industry. It wasn’t until 1940 that we launched our first chart, the 10-position “National List of Best Selling Retail Records.” Think we found our niche.