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What’s better than your favorite music stars as ZOMBIES? Nothing really.

See all your favorite artists ZOMBIE-fied.

Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails head up the first batch of artists announced for the 15th Anniversary edition of the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience, set to shake New Orleans in November. See which other bands (Paramore, Calvin Harris, Macklemore & more) have been announced so far.

Yep. We turned Lady Gaga into a zombie. Gives a new meaning to “Mother Monster,” don’t you think?

See more undead pop stars and rappers at this link!

One Direction as zombies!

Would your favorite pop stars survive the zombie apocalypse? Probably not. And to celebrate Halloween, we’ve put together a gallery of what celebs would look like if their skin started to decay and they suddenly developed a craving for brains.

Click here to see zombie Bieber, Britney, Gaga, PSY and more.

Jerry Springer just kicked your sexy *insert animal name here* costume’s ass. Him on Rachael Ray, as Gaga.

More celebs in Halloween costumes.

Oh Halloween. We may or may not be using the day as an excuse to watch "Thriller" video on repeat, but the MJ classic is not the only spooky pop song out there. We’re proud to present the top 10 songs that will have you sleeping with the lights on. You know, the songs you wouldn’t want to be caught … dead … without. Har har.


LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

This is brilliant… the house lights up and do the lyrics/timed lights to our (Billboard’s) official song of the summer…

This just made my Monday.


Why yes, giant jack-o-lanterns do sing the lyrics. Party rock is on the house tonight.