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In the new “Glee” episode stills, the McKinley boys get naked, Joe wears a weird bunny hat, Rachel and Kurt play the game of Life, and Kurt puts two blue pegs in his car (adorable). Check ‘em out and get ready for our recap on the morning after the “Naked” episode airs Jan. 31.

Fox released character portraits for “Glee” season 4! Many of the new actors are featured, but some of our old favorites didn’t score a picture. What do you think of the new promo shots?

(All photos by Tommy Garcia/FOX)

Whoopi Goldberg and “Melrose Place” actor Thomas Calabro both guest star on “Glee” tonight! Do you think Rachel or Kurt will “choke” — as the episode title suggests — when auditioning for NYADA?

Look for our recap early tomorrow on and check out the “Choke” photos above!