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Yep. We turned Lady Gaga into a zombie. Gives a new meaning to “Mother Monster,” don’t you think?

See more undead pop stars and rappers at this link!

Armani representatives confirmed that the pink coat Gaga was wearing while shopping in NYC was in fact made of rabbit fur… See what PETA had to say and see the pop star’s reply: Read more.

Lady Gaga and The Beatles made TIME’s list of 100 Fashion Icons, but Kanye West and Gwen Stefani did not. See who else made the cut…

And it starts.

110 shows worldwide. Kicks off this April, but it won’t hit North American until early 2013. Sorry, Little Monsters.


This week’s very special issue: Billboard’s Power 100 List

You may not know Irving Azoff by face, or even by name, but rest assured that the chairman of Live Nation ­- the world’s largest promoter, ticketing company and artist management group - is the most powerful person in the music industry. Azoff topped the first-ever Billboard Power 100 list, a ranking of where power and influence resides in the music business and the industries that intersect with it.Find out who else made the list.

While most of the executives on the list are behind-the-scenes power players, there are 11 names that even casual music fans will instantly recognize. Jay, Bey, U2, Gaga… they’re right up there, too. 

Gaga’s on the cover of a fashion magazine yet again — except this time it’s 7 feet tall and costs 1,500 bucks. So, how many Little Monsters are shelling out the cash for this stunning shot?