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13 years ago, Destiny’s Child began its longest Hot 100 reign, as “Independent Women Part I” spent its first of 11 weeks at No. 1 #BBHistory

Not only is Beyonce the new face of H&M, but she even designed some of the clothes! Details: 

Beyonce “will absolutely be singing live” at the Super Bowl. Read more from her SB47 press conference:

New Destiny’s Child music coming this month!

Well one new song. And a compilation album. But we’re still excited.

(Details here.)

Today in Billboard History

July 12, 2003

Clearly, it was her destiny to achieve solo stardom. Nine years ago today, Beyonce earned her first of five Billboard Hot 100 No. 1s apart from Destiny’s Child, as “Crazy in Love,” featuring her then-future-husband, Jay-Z, began an eight-week command.

Kisses from Kelly Rowland. Oh girl.

R.E.M. and the White Stripes broke up, oh I don’t know, a minute ago, but they might get back together, right? RIGHT? We’ve got more money on Destiny’s Child and Black Sabbath…

Which groups are eyeing a return to the road? Which ones have laid their mics down for good? We examine 18 bands ripe for a reunion - from “hell no’s” like the Smiths to “maybes” like Pink Floyd - and predict what the future holds.

Snuggled up among staffers is a face you may recognize: Kelly Rowland. Miss “Motivation” stopped by for one of our Live Q&As a couple months back, schooled us in some dance moves, and flashed her famous smile. Oh, and she talked about the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion.