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"Glee" star Darren Criss has announced his first tour, which kicks off May 29 in San Francisco. See the full lineup & get details on the new music Criss will be playing:


INTERVIEW: Team StarKid’s Dylan Saunders Talks Fan-Funded ‘Confluence’ Album -

I got to chat with the ever amazing Dylan about his ‘Confluence’ plans, how great Tomek is as a producer (I knew that already) and a little bit about the lessons he’s learned from Darren Criss in pursuit of a solo music career.  I may have some extended Dylan quotes that were cut from the article that I can share later.

In the new “Glee” episode stills, the McKinley boys get naked, Joe wears a weird bunny hat, Rachel and Kurt play the game of Life, and Kurt puts two blue pegs in his car (adorable). Check ‘em out and get ready for our recap on the morning after the “Naked” episode airs Jan. 31.

On Nov. 6, “Glee” is releasing a “Glease” album, with songs from the Nov. 15 “Grease”-themed episode. See the full track list below:

1. Hopelessly Devoted To You
2. Born To Hand Jive
3. Greased Lightning
4. Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee
5. Beauty School Drop Out
6. Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)
7. There Are Worse Things I Can Do
8. You’re The One That I Want
9. Summer Lovin

Who do you want to sing your favorite “Grease” song?

Blaine’s like a meanie now. I don’t know what really happened! I read the first script and I was like, ‘why’s Blaine so feisty?’ I think the writers were getting bored with Blaine being nice.
Darren Criss (from his Billboard Q&A)

Fox released photos from “Glee” episode 4x02 “Britney 2.0” last night, and also played a few of the songs from the upcoming season! The cast will be covering Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and (of course) Britney Spears. Read more.

Photos by Mike Yarish, Adam Rose and David Giesbrecht/FOX.

Fox released character portraits for “Glee” season 4! Many of the new actors are featured, but some of our old favorites didn’t score a picture. What do you think of the new promo shots?

(All photos by Tommy Garcia/FOX)

Ryan Murphy posted the first cast photo from “Glee” season four! A few people seem to be missing, but according to Murphy, #QuinnFabrayLives. (No word on Sugar though…) Does this pic get you ready for the new season?