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BRIT def Worked Bxxch in her new music vid.

Watch it here & let us know what you think!


It’s the 15th anniversary of “…Baby One More Time”!

Celebrate with 15 things you probs didn’t know about the song/video.

Remember that shocking Madge on Britney action at the ‘03 VMAs? Well, check out that plus nine other shocking moments from VMA history.

Our “Mad Men” character playlist is here! From Britney Spears to Gucci Mane, check out the songs that capture the 10 major characters on the AMC drama before its long-awaited sixth season premieres Sunday night.

Round 3 of Hot 100 March Madness has arrived! Vote here.

One Direction as zombies!

Would your favorite pop stars survive the zombie apocalypse? Probably not. And to celebrate Halloween, we’ve put together a gallery of what celebs would look like if their skin started to decay and they suddenly developed a craving for brains.

Click here to see zombie Bieber, Britney, Gaga, PSY and more.