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You know Darren Criss - i.e. Warbler hottie Blaine on “Glee” - but what do you know about Criss’ Team StarKid? Rockstar theater kids, yes, but there’s a cult-like following surrounding them that channels, in some strange way, the boybands of yesteryear, tapped into a hyper-connected youth culture and a tad confusing to the adults in the room. Team StarKid defies easy explanation, the kind of thing you often have to fall head-first into to actually get their appeal. At the base, they’re a performance troupe that specializes in pop-culture reference laden, emotional musicals, who springboarded to fame from a viral video hit with their "A Very Potter Musical" in 2009 (video above) to expand to fully original works and a spiraling fandom that supports the group and individual members’ projects.

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