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Music industry magazine Billboard, its consumer site, and its business site are seeking interns for winter/spring 2013.

Under the guidance of editors, interns are responsible for researching editorial packages, assisting with online production and transcription.

Interns have the opportunity to write and report news, interview artists, review albums, etc. This is not a coffee-fetching internship.

Interns are expected to work 2-5 days a week in our NYC offices. This is an unpaid position, so college credit is required. Length of internship and start date are flexible, but please specify availability in your email.

Applicants MUST have published experience writing on the topics of music/music industry, as well as an awareness of what’s happening on our charts. Fluency in HTML is a MAJOR plus.

Send cover letter (in email body), resume and writing samples (links) to Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

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